How to Remove Your Premium Listing

Whitepages Premium firmly believes in using data for good, and makes information available only to paying members. We understand that people will have different needs with privacy though, and we will respect and assist with any requests to opt out.

If you'd like your details to stop displaying on our site, you need to either be the person associated with the relevant name, address, or phone number or be legally authorized to act on behalf of the person.

Due to the extensive number of systems involved and the time it takes to complete, all removal requests must be submitted through a support ticket.

After following the instructions outlined in the video above, visit our support request page and select "I need to edit or remove a listing," or you can follow the instructions below.

First, you'll need to locate the URL. Please locate your listing on the standard Whitepages search site and right click on the "View Report" button. Select "Copy link address" from that drop down menu. Lastly, go to the support request page. Right click into the " and paste the URL you just copied.


In addition to providing the URL to your Premium listing, include the following information so we can quickly process your request:

  • First name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last name
  • Address—Specifically city and state

We will no longer display that listing, including all addresses and phone numbers associated with a person record. This means that your contact information will not be visible to anyone. Please be aware that we do not have the ability to hide your information on databases we don't control, such as public records.

Once we have responded to your request, please allow for 72 hours before any changes are reflected on the website.

Please note that some search engines may display information cached from our sites. It may take longer for search engine result pages to delete the cached data.


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