What is included with Report Monitoring?

This feature sends updates on Whitepages Premium Person Search listings. When we receive updated data related to the Background Report or contact details, the listing will be updated to reflect these changes.

Contact details that are updated as part of Report Monitoring:

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Alias
  • Relatives
  • Known Associates

Additional Background Report details that are updated as part of Report Monitoring:

  • Criminal Records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Properties
  • Licenses

Changes to existing records in the Background Report, such as criminal offenses, may not be automatically updated. Any new records will be included in this service, however.


Please note that Report Monitoring can only be activated on a listing associated with an individual person. It is not tied to results from other non-person searches such as Reverse Phone or Reverse Address.


How do I enable/disable Report Monitoring?

Report Monitoring can be enabled and disabled from the listing page associated with a person’s identity. You’ll find a sliding button near the top of the page that allows you to toggle whether or not the report is being monitored. If this feature is enabled, the sliding button will be green and right-facing.

Additionally, the first Background Report that you purchase will automatically be enabled, and included in a list of monitored reports.


How many reports can I monitor?

Any Premium Member can monitor up to five reports at a time. For ease of checking your currently monitored reports, we've included a visual tracker on your account dashboard.

In the event that you try to enable reports beyond the current cap of five, you will receive an error notification. You can then choose to un-monitor one or more of your reports, which will allow you to choose a new one.


Is there an additional cost associated with Report Monitoring?

There are no extra fees for Whitepages Premium Members. Your regular monthly payment already includes the ability to start and maintain these reports. Contact details will always be included when you enable Report Monitoring.

You can also include details associated with a Background Report, such as criminal offenses, bankruptcies, foreclosures, liens and judgments. In order to track these details, you will need to use a Background Report credit on the listing. These can be purchased here.

How am I notified when new information is added to a report?

There are two primary ways that we notify members about updates to their Report Monitoring: the visual tracker on the website, and through email alerts.

On the Premium dashboard, you’ll have visibility into the status of all five monitored reports. Whenever we add details to one of these person listings, you’ll notice a red alert reading “New”. Upon viewing that person’s listing, you’ll also see red exclamation points next to any data piece added since your last visit.

Additionally, email alerts are sent to the address registered to the Premium Account. These are sent from premiumoffers@whitepages.com, within 24 hours of adding new information to our database. If you do not see these emails, please add that address as a safe sender with your email provider.

Whitepages databases are updated in regular intervals, although there are not always new details to add. Rest assured that when new information is acquired on one of your monitored reports, multiple methods are used to alert you.


Am I able to download information from these reports?

Yes, any information associated with the Background Report is available for download. This will be compiled in a PDF document, and it can be saved to your local device. The PDF will include the latest update of the Background Report, but will not highlight recent changes.

An example of what’s included in a Background Report can be found here

Once the document saves to your local device, it will no longer update with new information from our servers. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend that you return to the Report Monitoring section of your Premium Account.


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