What information can I search for?

Whitepages Premium Members have four ways to start their searches:
  • People: Start with a person's name or alias. An optional location field can also help narrow down the results.
  • Reverse Phone: Insert a phone number, either mobile or land line. We'll use that number to provide full contact details on any owners we could find.
  • Reverse Address: Searching for a street address will provide a list of known current and historical residents. You can then go more in-depth on each listing to get more information.
  • Reverse Email: Enter an email address and we'll let you know whether or not the email address is trustworthy. We'll also provide you with full contact details on any owners we could find.

Within each person profile, you may be able to find details that lead to other listings. These include previous addresses, family members, and possible associates. Data is added as we receive it from sources, so there may be delays in adding new details shortly after a person has changed their contact information.

We know that sometimes you only have limited information to find the individual you’re looking for. We’ve posted a helpful guide on our blog to help in that situation.

As a reminder, Whitepages is not an FCRA-mandated Credit Reporting Agency. That means that there are certain restrictions to how search results can be used in determining a person's merits. More details can be found in this article.

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