What counts as a Contact Lookup?

Each of the different Whitepages Premium membership plans come with a specific amount of contact data Lookups. To give you more control on how you research, we want to explain when a Contact Lookup is used:

A Contact Lookup is used when you...

  • select a name from a search results page and click on Profile.


  • perform a search that returns a specific contact listing. This usually happens when doing reverse phone and reverse address searches.


  • click on a link that opens a new person or phone details page.


A Lookup is NOT used when you...

  • open a listing that you have already viewed. Once you have spent a lookup on a person or phone listing, you can continue to access that page without using additional Lookups as long as you have an active Whitepages Premium membership.
  • do a search that returns a list of search results does not count as a listing. This usually happens person searches, but can happen on reverse address searches for addresses that have multiple units, like an apartment building.


  • purchase a background report.


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